1. Consultation

Your first meeting with us is the consultation, where you share your custom home hopes, dreams, and aspirations with us. Consider it a “welcome night” to the process of building a custom home, where we’ll seek to alleviate your anxiety and give you the honest facts about your dream project.

During this phase, we’ll give you rough estimates of cost and process, the project timeline, as well as what you can expect from the bank. Homes are complex, and not only want you to be well-educated on all the things that go into the construction of one, we want to establish effective budget to make your dreams a reality.

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2. Pre-Construction

Pre-construction starts after you sign your contract, but before the actual construction of your custom home begins. During this phase, we put all the necessary documentation in order. While you work with your bank, we simultaneously do everything we need to do to make your dream a reality on the ground. This involves the preparation of engineering reports, lateral analysis, structural analysis, and HOA approval. And best of all, we go the extra mile by taking care of all of it so you don’t have to.

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3. Design

If you work with Sanctuary Custom Construction, we work together from start to finish to not only achieve a beautiful design, but to ensure you stay within budget. We work with your architect on blueprints and drafting for free prior to our work beginning, with the number goal of creating a high-end design that is not only functional and beautiful, but leads to a smooth and efficient construction process, saving you time and money. We do have an architect and draftsman on staff as well an experienced interior designer, if you are still looking for the team to help you design your perfect paradise.

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4. Construction

Construction is where all the fun happens, and where we get to do what we truly love: making your custom home dreams come true. We prioritize clear communication to ensure you get the house you want, and to prevent costly and unnecessary change orders that can delay construction and blow up your budget.

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5. Warranty

Although our custom homes are all of amazing quality, we offer a 2 year warranty based upon Arizona Registered Contractors Workmanship standards. Our goal as a business is to maintain a relationship with you for life, and that means ensuring your deep satisfaction. Why do we use it?

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