Quality is Nonnegotiable

Your custom home is YOUR dream home. It’s your vision, we respect that.

However, there are some quality features that are included in ALL of our homes.

  • Your dream home needs to be built on a firm foundation. This begins with a fully certified pad. The excavation & site preparation for your new custom home will be monitored, tested & certified by a licensed engineer to guarantee adherence to the soils report. This will ensure your custom will be enjoyed for generations.
  • A quality custom home is built with strength in mind. That’s why all of our homes are built with post tension foundations. This is a engineered concrete foundation that goes through additional inspections to ensure maximum benefit.
  • 2×6 walls fully sheeted with OSB plywood. We do not use lesser materials just to save a few bucks. Your home will be built with 2×6 studs placed 16″ oc, the entire exterior of your home will then be covered with plywood. This ensures structural integrity and the right way of doing things.
  • For some builders insulation is an after thought. Not for us! We believe this is part of making sure you home is comfortable and enjoyable on those hot summer months. We insulate your entire home, including the garage! This includes interior sound insulation.

Your new custom home is your dream home. It needs to have your style and your touch. Sometimes the design decisions that are necessary to make your new custom home your personal sanctuary can be daunting and overwhelming for some. That’s why as part of ever new custom home you will have the help of a well known, experienced interior designer. This service is paid by sanctuary for you, to ensure your home is what you’ve always dreamed it would be!

There are many more exciting quality features that we would love to talk with you about. Please call us today Sanctuary Custom Construction to begin the exciting process of building your new custom home!